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I put a new feature in this webpage using Flash based Slideshow.  Believe this feature will help me to upload new photos more often (without creating new HTML page).
It took a few days (and nights) of hard working, to reach here - its great achievement for me - a absolute program illiterate.
Please enjoy the slideshow of my new photos.
There are 2 Galleries, one is B&W the other is Color.
So far I put 15 albums.
Each album carries 20-50 photos.
Once the slideshow opens, click on the frame to activate controls.
Click on button to see the list of the albums.    
To see a picture in bigger size (high resolution), just click on the picture.  New window will open with big photo.
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To see the slideshows in the bigger frame follow the links;

B&W Gallery

Color Gallery  

Slideshow - 'Recent pictures'


Floating Market - Nov 1999 I made this website to share my experiences, thinking and photos I took, with others.   I owe so much from web society, as many others do, that I want to give back with something I can do.   So this site is dedicated to every person who may enjoy seeing my pictures and reading articles.

All started in June 1999.
I bought my first camera (Nikon FM2) at a shop in Chinatown on 29th May 1999, and that changed my life completely.
I became a photographer!!!

I am 47 years old Korean settled in Bangkok.
I like to catch the expression (or impression) around myself. 

Hope you enjoy...

Yoonki Kim, Bangkok, Thailand



70 Rai - my personal Photo project

70 Rai is the name of place.
Its the heart of Klongtoey slum - one of the biggest slum in Thailand.
To outsiders, "70 Rai" associates the words -  Poverty, Drug (both - consuming and selling), orphan and deserted children, HIV and other diseases', dying old persons, Crimes.

However, my point is not Poverty.
I rather like to see happiness there, even in the worst situation.
I want to see the aspect of living from the angle something different from financial status.
The daily living of the people of 70 Rai, of its energetic community.

I started this project January 2006.
From then on, I have visited 70 Rai 3-4 times a week.
I do not set the time to complete the project.
I will observe the change of the community as long as I can.

With the photos I took first 6 months, I did exhibition "70 Rai" in August 2006.
One month show at two galleries in Bangkok - FCCT (Foreign Correspondent's Club of Thailand) and Gallery F-Stop.

See Exhibition - "70 Rai"



Color Photos (1999-2004)

I took color photos (with slide films) until 2004.
Photos on this slideshow is bit out of date.

Color Gallery  (slideshow)

Photos of 2002 - May 2003
Photos of mid 2002

Photos of Krabi 
Photos of March & April
Photos of January & February 2002
Photos of November - December 2001

Photos of October 2001 
Photos of September 2001
Photos of August,  2001  
Photos of June-July, 2001  

 Better see bigger! - Click

Kids fishing at Sangkhlaburi Bridge Photography changed my life.
I am still a businessman (transportation industry) but, I see the world with eyes of photographer.
I like the positive part of reality.
I think everyone living in the world enjoys the everyday living - consciously or not.  And I believe that is the most important part of human that could keep the civilization from extinction.
People are created happy, that is the way I see the world.   I like to take pictures of people, when they shows happiness, eagerness and joy of living.

Nowadays I use 2 camera bodies - Nikon F3 for color slide film and the FM2 for B&W with a few fixed focus lenses - 24mm F2.8, 50mm F1.8, 105mm F2.5 and 180mm F2.8.
All of them are second-hand.
Then I scan the films with my scanner (HP PhotoSmart S-20).
I do some touch-up with Photoshop software to make them closer to the original image.  (Normally lose lots of detail and colors when the original film scanned)

I like manual camera.
Firstly, its cheaper.   And you can get involved more about your work than relying on programs and functions modern cameras have.
It also give you time to think before press shutter.
Best thing of manual camera is its inconvenience, I think.

Keeping camera bag light is also very helpful.
While one who have lots of equipment pondering which one to use, you can concentrate to the subject closer.

I do not use much film.
I don't do Bracketting.
I think, its not easy for me to keep my concentration in its highest status so long to take more than one shot.
If you see carefully most of the image file has number in its name.  That is the serial number of rolls I use.    So far (as of November 2002), I have used 180 rolls of film (Color and B&W in all).    As amateur, using many rolls of film doesn't look right for me.    Anyway I have to buy films out of my pocket.
Many photographers recommend to use films as many as possible.  But I don't agree to that.
I rather suggest to concentrate more for each shot and think more before press the shutter.
If you fails to catch a nice scene, what's the big deal?
Anyway its not your job.
So, I enjoy the status being amateur.
No pressure, just enjoying photos.

Trat, ThailandI do some assignment for magazines, once in a while.   I feel pressure when I take pictures for others (not for my own).   But, I try hard to keep my style when I do the jobs.   If a photo editor chose me, that means he/she wants something in my style.    I use only natural light (or lightings as it is) mostly.

Last, not the least, I apolozise not to update the site more often.
I promise try harder.

Enjoy ...


Yoonki Kim, Bangkok, Thailand



Street vendor in Bangkok
 Fisherman - Huahin

Wall pager for 800x600, 1024x768



My Writings
Rose I draw.  - Click to read how I draw the roses. Writing something is always hard for me.
When that is exposed to many other people, its even more scary.
You may take it as my personal expression about the world that I have.
I hope you to join me (by writing some comment on the each page) so that we can share my various ideas together.
Web made many nice things possible, and we are living in the world anyone can express their own opinion.
I hope my writing to be taken as a one of the millions of ideas, so that accepted easier.

To some Koreans, who don't like the idea making the website in English;
Sharing (idea and information) is the one I am trying to do.
So I use the language that more people can understand and share, even writing in Korean is easier for me.

Sunday Morning

At Hualampong Rail Station - 16 Feb 2001

Letter from Yoonki - June, 1999
My Camera story #1 - June, 1999
Trip to Buriram - June, 1999
My Camera #2 - July 1999
Trip to Kanchanaburi - July, 1999
My Camera story #3 - September, 1999
Drawing Roses - September 1999
Floating Market (Damnoen Saduak) - October 1999
Trip to Chanthaburi - November 1999
Sangkhlaburi - November 1999
You don't want buy? (Phu Hin Rongkhla) - Feb. 2000
Huaplee Lazy Beach - Oct. 2000

Songkran festival 2001 (useful tips for photographers) - April 2001 

Yoonki's Tropical Garden

I have neither background nor degree in Botanic, but a small book, a  camera and some ambition.

Click on the title above to go there.
In a few months, it covers more than 70 plants, most of them within 50m from my house and my office.

Each plant has its own page with a few pictures and some brief introduction.

I am trying to add one page every week, at the least.

Recently I added some more new pictures and opened new section - Waiting Room - posting pictures of flowers I could not identify.
I hope visitors give helps to complete the pages sharing their knowledge with others.
It is also an effort to make this website encourage more positive participation.

Hope you enjoy ...

I got great help making pictures as well as web site from by
Philip Greenspun.  

He shared idea how to make web pages and handling image files in good quality
while the size of file kept very compact.

Here is another information about reducing size of image files, contributed by J. Cunningham.


Picture from my 1st slide film. - Korat resort

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