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Photos of November to December  2001

Autumn leave in Thailand ???

Beer Garden in front of World Trade Center, Bangkok

With dry season starts, open-air beer gardens comes...

Three ladies  A Family

On wheels


Hua Hin  Sisters

Back street of Hua Hin

S.O.B. - Soccer on Beach.

Travelors got lost in Bangkok  Discussion ...

Wireless connection

A door (BTS)  My dog in pose..

Back of Pratu Nam, Bangkok  Parking lot - Floor 5A  Sukhumvit Road

You are not on Diet???

A Car  Waiting

At the kitchen of restaurant  Sukhumvit Road Soi 48  Waiting

Dancers   Preparation  Dancers

Curiosity  Where the boys eyes lead...

Open-air night performance at Phimai (North of Bangkok)


Porsche, on the Bangkok street  Autumn in Thailand

A Trader at Kon Kaen Market

Something recalled ancient Korean art...  My car - Land Rover Discovery Tdi

Life  Big Boss of the family

Tiger at a Zoo  Korat (Nakon Ratchasima)  a wall and fern

A Peaceful talk, Bangkok Equestrian Center

Updated on 24 January 2002

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