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Huaplee Lazy Beach The sign

Three chairs sit on the Beach

The room facing beachIt is laziness, that you get infected even before you realize when you arrive.

Everything slows down to the pleasant tranquility that filled in the air in the beach.

There is no poolside noise - because there is no swimming pool.
No kids running around kicking your canvas chair.

What to do?
Be lazy. (This is the free of charge, main featured service there)
Ask for some drink (they will come to you if you want any) and hold the glass in your hand and watch the sea. 
That is all you have to do.

A DoorEven you are the kind, who cannot stay in a  place more than 30 minutes, you will find yourself changed to different person.

If you don't have motorcycle or own car, you cannot go out.
No public transportation, of course.

This resort has only 5 rooms, and a few staffs caring you.
No source of noise.
No Ala carte, but cook will ask what you want to have for your meal 4 hours before.
They will go to the market to find things to cook whatever you like.
No menu. 
Just order what you like.

Dining roomIn the evening you may like to have some company and some drinks.
Then you can go to the dining room (Normally working room of the owner) and you will meet other guests who has enough sense to find places like this.

Ms Yingluck enjoys talks with guest, both in English and Thai.
She is an artist, drawing oil paintings at the dining room (rather like a  loft).
You can watch some of her works and listen to the story about her works.
They has sea kayaks, so you can row out to the sea, if you are not lazy enough.
You can empty your mind there.

September 2000Zen, it might be.....


October 2000

Ms Yingluck - the owner

Curtain 1

The stairway

Hinge 09/2000

A Life on the beach

A fishing boat

The Entrance  Parking lot

Sand  Mark  The beach

Sep. 2000  September 2000  Curtain 2

September 2000  September 2000  Rest room

  Dining room   Waitress  Dining room

September 2000  At night

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