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Hualampong Rail Station, Bangkok  2001

All of these pictures were taken on 16 February 2001 - that is my 46th birthday.
Waking up on the birthday morning is not very exciting and pleasant thing any longer.
I had a gloomy day.
To treat myself, I went to the Rail Station to take some pictures.
Here are the mood I reflected on the people passing by.


Nikon FM2 with Kodak T400CN.   24mm, 105mm & 180mm MF lenses used.

All of the pictures taken between 11:30 through 13:00 on the day.


February 2001

At the station - click to see bigger     He must be very tired...

#2     It was strange to find tranquility in the middle of noise.  

#3    Few belonged to the place.   None stay.   Just passes by.

24mm lens     For the people here, the time has only meaning when punctual.

#5    Each and everyone has own way to fill up the gap of time.

#6 - a Family on waiting     Family is family wherever you are...

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