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Letter from Yoonki - War against PC



Its quite a while since I wrote.  I have been quite busy.  Both works and the web site.
I found that HTML file is not that expectable like MS Word or Excel works.  When I open the page with Netscape (normally I use Internet Explorer 5.0), it comes different look and with my Notebook PC (640x480) makes the page look shrinked.
At first I thought that programs like MS FrontPage or Netscape Composer is something very repliable so that everyone can make pages without doctor degree.  Now I don't believe it.
It might be OK, if you make single page website with a few links.
But if you want to make it something presentable to public, you have to spend a lot of time to kill many small bugs to make the page run.  One of worst trouble I have had is positioning graphic files.  By itself its sharp and clear after touch-ups.  But it hardly find its rightful position on pages.  Some times one picture hides behind the other, sometimes it hung too low or high, in short it finds wrong place very well.

By web browsers (IE and Netscape), it comes up different position.
I tried every known (to me) tricks to set it in place, but it just comes up like untamed animal. Solenostemon
In the end, I went out to Pantip Plaza (one who has lived in Bangkok may know) and bought a very big and expensive book.
Nowadays, what I do as the first thing in the morning is checking my web page, praying my server runs fast and my pages are still intact without crash.
If the server runs slow, it makes bad day, can you figure?
For a few days I sticked to PC 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Still there are lots to do to finish the site.  I guess I will become a professional web designer when I complete it.  Unfortunately, I don't know WHEN.
I sent e-Mails to tens of friends asking for comment last week, but so far only three people responded.  Around 5%.
I guess the reasons;
1. My e-mail was sent but it passed to National Archives of USA and saved/classified as Top secret with validity FOREVER.
2. All of my friends I sent e-mail are terribly busy that they had no chance to see it.
3. LAZY they are.
I assess reason #3 is the best answer.  But as time goes by, I am thinking even reason #1 has good chance to happen.

Some very kind persons called and said my server is damn slow so that they could not wait until it shows up.
Correct.  But not all the time.  If you try 2:30 in the morning it may sing and dance.
As every server in the world, mine is always busy.
Writing this, I think - why I am so talkative for the things none really cares?
Maybe its weather - It rains now.  Otherwise, it is the symptoms for one who stay too long time with computer.
Forgive me.

I promise something more exciting next time.
Better plan a trip for this weekend.

Thanks for your patience - if you read this far.


Flower at Petchabun, Think its a kind of Daisy but failed to identify the real scientific name

BB & Noi at Buriram


Euphorbia Milii - click for bigger picture and detail

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