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Floating Market - Damnoen Saduak

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Floating market - click to see larger What a shame, having never been to this gorgeous place before, living in Thailand 5 years!
I have to blame my laziness.  
I have believed, waking up early in Sunday  morning is one of the deadly sin. 

I have never been to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) - one of the most important and beautiful temple in Thailand until my 4th year stay in Bangkok!
Its quite logical.  I would not wake up early.
Wat Arun is its best view early in the morning.
So no way to make the expedition to the place!

As a dedicated photographer, I broke the taboo and drove to the floating market.
According to travel books, there are a few Floating Market around Bangkok. Most of them is commercialized imitation of Damnoen Saduak.  

Boy selling postcard

This floating market is the biggest and most lively place, though its a bit far from downtown. (Around 100Km from Bangkok)   Its in Ratchaburi Province, famous with fruits farms.
The market is over 100 years old.  And still mostly not changed, so they said.   I arrived at the market at 8:30.  

Even one who have never been to Thailand, might see some posters of floating market.   Its the most photogenic scenery you can find in Thailand.  
If you have camera and film, you can make photos as nice as you saw on post card or poster.

There are hundreds (could be thousands) of small boats filled the Canal.   
I rent a water taxi (same kind of boat on the pictures) at 300 Bht, for an hour.   
Its horrendous traffic there.  
But, unlike cars, the boats doesn't care butting each other.  Its virtually not possible you can jump into the water underneath.   
Traffic doesn't matters. Without single traffic police (actually they are formidable source of Bangkok traffic) or traffic light, boats squeeze through the canal merrily.  NO JAMMING at all. 

They are selling everything.  
You can have Thai style snack or breakfast on your boat.   Fruits, snacks, hats, T-shirts, vegetables, silk dress, toys, you try anything, its there.

Talking about fruits and vegetables, its best place to buy.  Both at quality, quantity and price, local market in Bangkok hardly beat this place.  For souvenirs, I am not sure.
If you watch carefully, there you see yellow flags on the boat.
Take a look.

It is a vegetarian tradition of Chinese Thai.  It was first week of October - then they do not take any meats - even milk or bread (to avoid chance to take milk in that).   Garlic is another NO, NO.
This period they wears white clothes.

Its just part of the market. I took half roll of film there.  

And hurried back home to compensate madatory amount of sleep of Sunday.

28 October, 1999

Some more about " Floating Market" by Mark Schulz

Fruits in the morning light.
Happy vendors
Floral ring on the bow
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The owner of noodle shop and a busy customer.

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