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Photos of August 2001

By the Sea

Young monks

Young monks, Chinatown Bangkok

I saw them came out of a building in the temple.....

A corner

Then a lady came out of the corner and smiled to me...
Chinatown, Bangkok

A Cat

Chinatown, Bangkok

Click to see bigger  Travelers from England

Travelers, Ayuttaya

Aug 2000  Bang-Pa-In, Aug 2000

Nok, 25, Souvenir shop owner  

Angels in the plastic bags

Angels, Bangkok

All of the beach scene are taken at Trat.  I made weekend trip to the southeastern border to Cambodia.
There we stayed a lovely resort called "By The Sea".
The pictures of the beach were made mostly within one hour 8:00-9:00 in the Sunday morning.
The others made when I arrived there - Saturday afternoon.

Yoonki Kim

The beach  I saw the rainbow

The rainbow  Reflection

On the beach  Reflection  hut for pump to bring sea water to shrimp farm



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