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My Camera Story #3

Rain drops on Bamboo leaves

I bought a new (second hand) 200mm Nikkor 1:4 MF AIS telephoto lens in the third week of August. 
Actually the honey-moon with my 50mm was not ended at the time.
What I come to know about the normal lens is, its difficulties to use.  I mean the use for more professional pictures.
Normal lenses are most accessible one among others, because its cheapest.
However, its angle - the framework I can see through the lens is too much normal.  It very similar to our eye sight we sees things every day.  So, it doesn't bring some feeling which only photographs can carry.  
Some characteristic images which only made through optics of camera.  (Are you still there?)
I have heard that Henri Cartier-Bresson (One of the greatest photographer in the history) used only normal lens throughout his career.

As on my Camera story #2, I really want to make picture like this master. 
But the fact is I am not GOOD like him!
This became an excuse to buy a new used lens.  (You still remember I have a rule not to get the best one for hobby?)
To make pictures looking more photographic, there are two choices - Wide angle & Tele (long focus) lens.

Wide angle will be more suitable for ones who make picture that can tell a story by itself.  It has 'sequence' leading your eyes to the main subject ( sometimes follows the subject too).  

Wide angle makes distorted image (quite optical when you see) so you can put minor subjects which can support the main subject very natural way - like a supporting role on the plays.After rain
Telephoto lens goes the other way.  It just throw something you want to show to the nose tip of viewer, dimming others to blur.
For my purpose, making portraits of flowers, I decided to go telephoto lens.  
It give more chance to take picture which normally divides more than ten time of the single frame of normal lens - since its narrow in angle.

I went to Maboonklong and found one.  Nikkor AIS 200mm F 4.  I believe its not the new model, for on the catalogues it reads 'Micro'.  Mine is not.  
The shortest distance I can approach is 2m from the subject.
But its very compact and light.  Also use 52mm filter which I already have two.


September 1999

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After rain

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