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Photos of Mid. 2002

Joy of Being

Surawong - Repair all Kind

Surawongse, Bangkok

Chumpon  Chumpon  Click to see bigger


After Sunset   Aonang Beach, Krabi  Beach Walk

Aonang Beach, Krabi

Stairs, Koh Khet  CPL filter used

  HHPC Construction site  Trucker from Vietnam  Worker on electric tower

Attaphu, Lao PDR

City Girl, Siam Square, Bangkok  Morning coffee

Bangkok Street

      Reading...  Sampling  A Shopper  Egg noodle vendor

Market place, Baan Phe

Trat  A room on the beach  An evening


Trad Beach

  Pra-Arthit Road  Kaosan Road  A Girl  New Phone

Coffee shop  Bus terminal  Chinatown  Suvenier shop 

 Deserted  Potter at Koh Khet  Lek - street vendor at Koh Khet

Waiting for customers  Vendor

Floating market

Youth   Hat   Wish    I tried one, with my daughter's crayon...

Retired...   Koh Chang

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