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New Office

Customs Clearance

Our Main field of business so far.  
VAS has skillful staffs who are capable to handle both import/export by sea freight and airfreight.  The location of head office helps us to reach Bangkok Customs House with in 10 minutes even at the worst traffic situation.
We also run an office in Laem Chabang for Import/Export traffic centered in the area.

Road Transportation

VAS doesn't operate its own fleet of trucks except for a few pick up trucks for small and urgent traffics in the town.  
The road transportation is handled by an associate, NDCR Transport Limited Partnership at Laem Chabang port.
NDCR is running its own fleet of 10 units of tractor with 20 container chassis with its open storage area nearby Laem Chabang Port.
For the road transportation to Cambodia, VAS is working closely with Subpairode Transport Co., Ltd. who has efficient working relation with the authorities on both side of the border.

In-Transit arrangement

We have done this business from the early days of the routes.  VAS staffs handled the materials for UN when they sent military units to Cambodia a few years ago.  
The service covers both of Laos, Burma and Cambodia through the associate in Japan - Transindo Japan Co., Ltd.
Transindo is running offices in Phnom Penh and Yangon for their "Asia Highway" Service.

Project Logistics

VAS built unique concept for operating Plant Project Logistic through experiences of years.
It ranges from  Petro-chemical plants through road construction penetrating Jungle in Laos.
Few companies have concept working in global supply chain reaches to reality at the local surroundings.  We do have that.  Supplying material for project often turns out frustrating experience for persons who just acclimated highly industrialized modern society.  VAS, consisted of local expert and foreign specialist will give solution which can make sense at both side. VAS also handles Heavy/out-of-gauge load Operation.

Overseas freight services

This area of business is rather new for VAS.  
Even most of the members in the company have worked in the business, VAS haven't concentrated on overseas transportation.  
We are working with a few freight forwarders in Korea, Singapore and Japan, for the general container traffic and air freights.  
We know that many companies who are not satisfied with their counterpart in Thailand.  
The reason doesn't come from inefficiency (at any side), but lack of understanding, even you can call it culture.  
Quite often its from settlement of account either.  
If there is any one who may have unhappy experience with Thai company, don't hesitate to try us.  We do business on the base of common sense.

Other services

  • Warehousing

  • Packaging

  • Project Consultant for transportation in the region

  • Import/Export Trading

  • General Logistic Services

Road transportation to Thoongsong (Southern Thailand)

Long-length cargo moving at Map Thaput

Customs house in Laem Chabang

Crane at Map Thaput port

Loading at the office

Wooden Pallet

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