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I don't mean to put hundreds of links in this page.  The links listed here are something productive and  informative, otherwise interesting and enjoyable (funny), to my eyes.

Enjoy the great sites I found, but don't forget to return to my page once in a while...

(To my friends, if you want to add your link to this page, just send me a mail)

Flower pictures by Tien Tran - Huge collection of flower pictures

Hibiscus Species, Varieties and Cultivars by Samuel H. Andrews IV - Lots of links for Hibiscus lovers

Nature Photo Index - My Website listed there as Amateur Photographer, but mistaken I am a girl...

Bob Atkins Photography - One of the MUST SEE for nature photographer

Botanical Art, Illustrations by Karen Nisbett - My Friend Karen's Page.  Beautiful drawings and writings

Grumpy's Photo Guide - Greatly entertaining while informative writing from a Railfan.  Watch out F5 fans...

Tony Sleep Home Page - Nice web site with information about film scanners

Photography in Malaysia - Greatest source of Nikon cameras.  New F3 site covers every part....  You may find introduction to my website :  Link to photographers page.

Hello from Lisbon, Portugal by Carlos Pinto Coelho - Impressive pictures!

Fábio Cembranelli - Brazilian, Architect turned artist.  Inspiring oil paints and water colors of flowers and landscapes.

Gallery Jubec - Very well designed website with photos.  My friend UnBae Jeon's personal page.
Both in Korean & English

Flowers Photo Gallery From Japan - As title tells, the flower photos in Japan.  Shoji Ikeda seems obviously more resourceful than I.    

The Worldwide Art Gallery

All things art site. Art History, Art Directory, Kids' Art Gallery and education resource, free art quiz (win prizes) plus contemporary international and Australian Art.    You may find link to "Living in Thailand" at their directory. 

Korean Links

Geojephoto - My friend, Dragon Ok's website.  A place like PUB for a group of Korean photographers.   Especially the Gallery is active.     NEW

Living in Korea - My fellow Korean Photographer John Choy's website.   You may experience real Korean ways of living.   He also used similar format of my webpage  ;-)    

PhotoKR - 11 Korean amateur photographers (including myself) joined for this project.   Absolutely non commercial site with Gallery and Q&A part.  You may find the best amateur photos in Korea at the Gallery.
Each picture allows 180-Kilobyte file size with two photos limited to post in a day. 

JBC's Nature Landscape Photo Page - Very professional reviews about various cameras and lens

Hello Netizen - One of the most popular webzine for Korean photographers

Boram Art - My friend Kim, Do-Han's photo site.  Lots of high quality pieces

Photos of Lee Jooseok - My friend photographer Jooseok's page.   Many nice pictures of Koreans ancient architectures

Shinsedae Camera - Camera shop in Seoul.  You can find both of New and used cameras.    The web site has special section for my pictures (my hand picked ones).

Euhyun & Kyungha - Home page of a lovely young couple.  Great editorial.  Some of my pictures used.

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