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Welcome to VAS Web site.
As other millions of freight forwarding companies over the world, we do the service.
If you have some experience - working or using the services - you may know that there is no same service exists in the world.
Every company selling services are producing different result.
The first reason is "People", who get involved in the process.  
Second fundamental part is its Formation of the team or organization.  The Formation frequently turns out as Motive or spirits you may feel when you are dealing as a counterpart.
Unfortunately, you will not have chance to know its reality before you try.
We, VAS has its own color and smell, even ourselves can not recognize.
This web site is one of our efforts to show ourselves to outer world so that they can guess who we are like and how we response to the situation.  
We are building this site by our own.  No professional designer hired to build it.
It has been time consuming job for naive PC user but we believe it will be nice to make our point more clear to the world and you.


V.A.S. Services Limited
Bangkok, Thailand


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