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Photos of June & July 2001

New pictures!

Dancing for buddha at a temple...

Young dancer, at a temple (Chachungsau, July 2001)

The stair at Kao Wang  The stair

Stairs, Petchaburi, Thailand (July 2001)


Talk (Siam Square, Bangkok, July 2001)

Cooking  Cooking 2

At a restaurant - a lady frying the eggs with oysters...(Bangkok, June 2001)

Wow, really sour....  how can you eat it???  Is that OK?

Sour taste, Bangkok, July 2001

At a gas station, Chiangmai

Wait, wait and wait ...   (Chiang Mai, July 2001)

Mall, in the afternoon

Shopping mall, Bangkok, July 2010

A kid

Bangkok, July 2001

Oil change

Oil Change (Bangkok, July 2001)

Noon, sunday

Ubon Ratchathani (July 2001)

Poipet  Mekong

Sunset of Mekong river (Poipet, July 2001)

Sewage cleaning

Sewage cleaning, Bangkok June 2001

Siam Square

University Students at Siam Square (June 2001)

Hua Hin

Hua Hin (June 2001)

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