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Dendrobium - Orchid

Orchid at Bangkok Equestrian Club

Feb 2000, Petchabun

Dendrobium 2001Mr. Janne Saarinen in Finland enlightened me to correct the name of this lovely orchid.
So I separate the page from Cymbidium.  I guess there are thousands of orchid growing in Thailand.
This baby is one of the most common species, so you can meet them anywhere in this country.
Appreciate Janne's advise.
Jan 2000

I added a few picture, but not sure if its also Dendrobium.  Any comment will be appreciated.


Feb 2000

Orchid  Click to see bigger  Same flower in the morning light

In the late afternoon sun light  Feb 2000, Petchabun  In the morning sun

Just ready to bloom!  March 2000 - Novotel Rayong  April 2000

Here is a image file modified for desktop wallpaper.  Feel free to use if you like.

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