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Cymbidium finalysonianum lindl (Orchid)



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click to see biggerMy reference book has only small section shared for Orchid, thus I could not find some detail about this one.

I just managed to pick up the name from name plate hung under the flower at Suan Luang.
Actually I don't like orchid.  
It demands too much care to my knowledge.

Also don't like smoking - that might be the most significant reason.
The ones on the pictures was not looking cared a lot.  
The orchid was not in pot but growing hung on tree.  

Maybe the climate takes care by itself.
I think I saw similar one before.Orchid

If anyone who has idea what it is, please let me know.
I just tried internet and found there are more than 4000 web pages out there only about Cymbidium!  

Think its popular ones.

12 July 1999

Mr. Janne Saarinen living in Finland kindly guided me to correct name of the orchid - Dendrobium (The violet colored orchids mixed up in this page.  Thanks, Janne.


January 2000


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